Saturday, March 5, 2011

So just thought I would post an update about what I have been working on for most of the week.  I am teaching a Kindergarten lesson on sequencing Monday and this is some of the materials that I put together.

It is a folder game where the students will have to layer all of the pieces of the dinosaur together to create the example.


There are five different layers to this dino.  The cut is from Create A Critter (I believe they are all cut at 4.75 inches) so they are really simple to layer.

On the back of each layer I put a magnet so they the layers will stay together while working.


In the end, if the children "sequence" the layers correctly they get the end result.

I made 12 complete folder games (enough for 24 students if they work in pairs).  And everything had to me laminated, which I did with my Yourstory.  There are a couple other things I made go along with this lesson, but this was the main part.  

On another note I was really excited with I got this in Friday.
It is the March kit from Artful Delight.  If you have never checked them out you should.  She has really great kits, inspiration, and a monthly sketch challenge.

One last note.  If you have some extra time and want to check out some really great blogs go check out Jenn's Birthday Blog Hop presented by Jenn from Scrappin Lil Turtle.  There are 36 lovely ladies all helping Jenn celebrate her 32nd birthday.

Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.



  1. Cute. I have been doing lots of work for my 5th grade class too.


  2. This is such a cute idea!

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  3. What a cute and fun idea!! I bet the kids love them! And what a great teacher to put all that time into it! Way to go!