Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trash to Treasure

So, as I was drudging through a stack of photographs that I have stashed in various places and in different types of containers  (boxes, bags, original picture packing that you get it back from Walmart in); I decided I needed something to stash them in (at least some of them).  

I saw this sitting on my shelf and figured now was as good as anytime to be creative.

I found this book at a local antique shop and thought that it had a bigger calling than falling apart on a shelf.

And it was getting incredably close to the falling apart calling.

A couple hours (and several ideas) later this was the end result.

This is the front... I thought the cover was pretty and I wanted to leave some of it exposed.  All of the patterned paper is from Imaginisce Garden Party along with all of the jewel embellishments. 

I used some of the pages of the book to make the accordion flower (sorry I don't know the technical term).  The broach is another antique store find, the swirls are cut from Serenade, and the ribbon is from a local craft shop.


Now all I have to do is go find all the places I stashed my pictures... Lol  =-)