Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you holding on?

These words are not mine today.  One of my friends is has a blog called ninety days where she is going through several 90 day challenges all together to get spiritually and physically healthy.  There is some really inspiring stuff and if you want to know more about about it click here.  

Anyways today she posted this video:

I don't know about you, but this is what I needed to hear today [more like the kick in the rear I needed].  With this being my last year of school, we [I say we because I have been with the same girls and one guy for the past 3 years... we come as a whole] have been bombarded with requirements and stipulations for in the classroom and out in the field.  And though I have not admitted it out loud I have put living my life completely surrendered to God on the back burner.  Saying that I will have time for it when I get my degree. But y'all I am so missing my opportunity to share the light, His Light, with those that surround me.  I just mentioned that I  have had the same classes with the same people for the past three years; I wonder how much I have been an example to them in stressful situations of letting God take control?  I want to sink my head in shame at the desk I am typing at right now...

God never promised us a perfect landing with a score of 10 across the board, but even if you I stumble through the entire routine, at least an effort was made. You know that famous saying, "it's the thought that counts"?  I believe it is irrelevant in this situations.  People cannot see your thoughts. Don't misunderstand me it is good to think of doing God's will and thinking silent prayers to Him.  But people, those around you, my classmates, will see my actions.

We have been called to "Go" [Matt. 28:9]. It is time for some reevaluation to see if we I am still holding on.

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