Saturday, August 20, 2011

My name is Olivia...

I have never been good at keeping diaries, and I guess my blogging skills do not differ.  Though I have been keeping up with things that I follow (somewhat) over the summer, I just seemed to be in an anti blog posting mood.  I never really started this blog to display all of my thoughts and feelings, but I think it's about time I turn over a new leaf.   This is not a promise to blog every day and flood this small piece of the internet with everything that goes through my head (someone may have me committed if that were the case).  This is simply documenting small parts of my life.  

I am not going to stop posting the scrapbooking and card making that I do (though I have for the past three months...); I will just be adding to it.  Some days I may just say a few words, some may have pictures, some crafts, and  some I may even go all Beth Moore on you  =-).  

So let's begin. My name is Olivia. This is me...
I love photography, children, teaching, animals, crafting, scrapbooking... I am married to a man that I do not deserve, and am in the final steps of becoming a teacher. I have a current addiction to Chick-fil-a ice cream cones and Pinterest. If you are not familiar with Pinterest... click the link. You will not be sorry you did, and follow me if  you want to while your at it =-).  I am beginning to  notice that I am becoming a lot like my father in that I want to redo/refinish anything I can get my hands on.  I always joke with him that every time we talk he is renovating a different room in their house (which is not an exaggeration).  

Today was one of those "lightbulb" (this is said in a Despicable Me voice) type of days.  After finding out that the hubs still needs an entire list of medical supplies and a few more books than he has (after spending over $900 on books already) the bank refused to let me get money out of our school fund because he was not with me (working at the time and of course it is his name on the account).  Because my emotional state this week was already on rocky ground (last week of summer, last day at my job, plus other things that as a female I cannot avoid) a few, or a lot, of tears were shed.  It may sound silly, and thinking back on it I think it does )for some reason money and finances always get me in a tizzy). I kept thinking to myself that it is out of my control, and it was/is.  I calmed down and consciously made the decision to place everything, all of my thoughts and actions in God's control.  This is something that I have been working on in my life for a while now.
I cannot do this on my own... I cannot do this on my own... I have to keep telling myself that, and I know that it is true because when I try I end up frustrated, mad, and upset.  God will give us the strength to get through it.  Monday the bank will open and Hubs can go up, take what we need for this semester of Physical Therapy school, and put my name on the account.

So.... This was obviously a "Beth Moore" post... I hope you were not bored too much with my trivial rantings! 

TTFN... Tah Tah for now  =)

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