Thursday, June 5, 2014

The next chapter...

Life has changed so much for me since the days I first started this blog.  I have never been a "true blogger" so to say.  Every once in a blue moon I will think about my small space on the World Wide Web, and then when a bluer blue  moon came around I may actually post something.

In my very first post I said that this was a place for  me to log some of the projects that I was creating for home and school, and I did do that (with some of them when I thought about it). The other part of that post said that this may be a place where "I tell my story as it is being written." That is what I am going to do today.

In 2010 (the birth of this blog), my husband and I had been married for slightly over a year. We were both still in college with plans to conquer the world, and to an extent we did that.  The world we lived in at least. God blessed us so much as He guided us to complete everything we set out for.  We have both since graduated (he multiple times, finally receiving his doctoral degree in May!!!). I was got a job teaching 3rd grade literacy at the school I interned with. We moved into our first "real" (non-campus) apartment.  The next chapters to our book seemed to be logical to me... Jacob gets his dream job... We {finally} buy our own house... Eventually, we begin to start a family... And we all live happily ever after, right?

Well, any literacy teacher should know that I forgot one very important thing in my fairy tale... the problem. There is always a twist in a plot of a thrilling story. That is what makes us unable to put the book down until we relish the last few words, and my rough draft had no thrilling plot twist.  Don't worry though; God was my editor and inserted for us the missing parts (for this chapter anyways).

On a whim, my husband applied for a couple of residency programs that specialize in the areas of his career  he is most interested in. He was accepted! I was/am so proud of him. That same week I came down with this horrible virus that had been being passed around my classroom.  So bad in fact that I willingly went to the emergency room. Let me be clear in that I have NEVER been to the hospital before (for a personal illness). I am not one who doesn't believe in them; I just know that with viruses and other non-serious illnesses they have to simply run their course. Anyways, Jacob rushes me there. I am dehydrated and have lost about 10 pounds in 9 hours. AND....... I find out I am pregnant!!!

At this point, most people probably think that I am being over dramatic, and that there is nothing taxing about any of these situations, and to be honest there really isn't.  The part that makes it hard for me to swallow is that the residency program is in Florida... Miami, Florida. Still not bad at all, right? But...
We will be 20 hours away from any family, friends, and comfort.
I will be moving this far while 6 (close to 7) months pregnant.
I am very worried that I am going to have a hard time finding a new doctor because I will be so far along when we move.
I had to quit my job (of course), but his will not begin until August causing us to be without any income whatsoever for the three months prior/during the move.

This is our first child. My parents first grandchild, and the first grandchild with his families last name.  I wanted more than anything to be surrounded by love and support and spoils (for Baby D of course) during this amazing time.  And I know that technically we still will be, but I still can't help having a hard time being excited about this move.

God has always told us that He knows the plans he has for us. There is a reason that He is sending us to Miami right now. I just have to shut up and follow. (Much) Easier said than done.  I want to be like Jonah and sail to Tarshish instead of Nineveh. Lol, but I am not so keen on being swallowed by a whale. ;)  I know this is God's plan for us.  There have been too many signs pointing in the same directions (and doors closing to the others) to think otherwise. I also know deep down in my heart that everything will work out perfectly, and I truly am excited for all the new adventures that we will be having.  That is what we wanted when we got married isn't it? To embark on new adventures together? Well buddy, I do believe that this qualifies  =-).

So, this is where I leave you. This chapter has no ending yet. The plot is still unfolding as we go along.      

If you have made it this far then you deserve some type of medal for listening to the rantings of a pregnant woman outside of her comfort zone.  Lol, I wish I had one for you!

Until next time,


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