Saturday, August 4, 2012

DIY Class Rug

Ever since having my own classroom became a reality I have been drooling over super adorable rugs to give it that cozy "home away from home" feeling. Unfortunately, my just out of college budget along with my husbands still attending Physical Therapy school budget meant that those dreams would still remain entrapped in my pillow...

So I did what any right minded female would do and hit up Pinterest. I had seen many pins and blog posts before about painting a rug, but I was never sure of how it would turn out so I passed them by. However, after finding a bland $24 rug at Lowe's images started flooding back into my mind....

I don't have an exact link to where I got the tutorial from because to be honest I looked up about a million (possible slight exaggeration). All you have to do is search DIY rug and you will have all the resources you need.

I picked up some spray fabric paint and Scotch fabric protector from Hobby Lobby (I already had painters tape) and was on my way. Now, because I'm anal retentive I had to make a sketch to scale of the width of the tape I used (about 2") before I created my designed on my rug. I highly recommend this step because it saves the time of pulling up tape a gazzillion times over.
*hint* It is no exaggeration when said that painters tape will have a hard time sticking to the rug. Just put it down best you can and spray the paint directly above appointed area.

I had a blast making this, and I plan on making another one for my desk area (this one is for the library), and updating the one I have in my craft room already!!!

So many possibilities! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

Until Next Time,



  1. WOW! That looks wonderful! =)

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