Saturday, February 19, 2011

More School Projects....

So, it currently seems that Saturdays are becoming my only day to post.... sad.  I don't have any completed projects for y'all, but I do want to share some things that I am working on.  

For one of my classes this semester I have to create ten books that I can use in my classroom one day (I am an early childhood major).  The first one I did (the writing is completed, it is just not printed or bound) is a spoof off of a book called "Crazy Colored Creatures". I saw someone's blog who was doing some illustrations of this for her child's teacher and thought it was adorable (I can't remember where sorry). I used my Gypsy and Mini Monsters cartridge to make my "Rhyming With Monsters" (what I named my version) creatures.

This is Link Pink. She has feet that stink.

Poor Sue Blue, she has the flu.

Dwight White stays up all night!

The book that I am working on now is one that I am writing about a cow who lost her voice and goes around the farm trying to find it again.  I am kind of stumped for illustrations for this one. If anyone knows of a cartridge or supplies that has really cute farm images I would love to know!  =-)

I have been pretty popular at the post office this week... I think I got a package in almost every day. Lol.  From cartridges, Peachy Keen Faces (I am in love with these), to a couple of prizes that I won!  

I was elated when this arrived! Thanks Joy from Obsessed With Scrapbooking!!!

FYI: I am not sure if it was just the Memphis Michaels or not, but they had Martha Stewart punch sets on clearance... needless to say I racked up =-)

Have a Great Weekend!


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