Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello Darlin'. Nice to see yah.

*singing* It's been a long tiiiiiiime*

It really has been a long time.  Close to a year in fact. Honestly, it made me sad looking at my last post. One: because it was portraying the loss and grief of my family from when we lost my niece Evie. Two: because of how long it has truly been.  

I obviously took a break from blogging and social media in general (except Pinterest, but that really doesn't count right?).  I focused mostly on my family and finishing school. Speaking of which I can proudly say that I am an official college graduate and certified teacher!!!! Yay!

*I will hopefully have exciting career news to share in a couple of weeks.*

My husband and I just arrived home from spending about 7 weeks with family, most of which being in Louisiana.  I was able to visit while he went to work every day, but we really had an amazing time. (Though I have never been happier than I was the night I reunited with my own bed!) We had a blast taking my young cousins to zoos, water parks, aquariums, and simply hanging out at the house; and me be me I of course documented all of it with photographs.

I have several crafty things that I have lined up to share (some of which being scrapbook pages made from all of the Louisiana adventures). But for now I will leave you with one of my favorite pins from Pinterest that I  keep going back to every day and will end up on my wall in some shape/fashion...


Until Next Time


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