Friday, August 3, 2012

Books, books, books, books... Oh! More books

Do you ever have that feeling that as you are digging a hole the dirt is falling right back down so you're getting nowhere? Yah. That's how I feel about my classroom at the moment.

I am so fortunate to have great teacher mentors in my life, and one provided me with her entire library (over 2500 books!) which is absolutely fabulous and a true God send (before I had maybe 10 books to fill this reading teachers shelves). The only problem I am having is organizing all of these books :/ It is what I have been doing all week and it still looks like a mess.

But it will get there. As will the rest of the classroom, and I'm sure it will look much better with eager third graders in it.

That's all I have for tonight (because I haven't been doing much of anything else lol). I do have a couple posts of some things I have made for my room that will be up shortly.

Until next time,


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