Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finally Home

After being gone for over a week; sleeping on foreign beds, leaky air matrices, floors and couches; killing invading bats at 4:30 in the morning; being awaken by my beautiful niece and nephew; I cannot even begin to express my joy of being able to sleep in my own bed tonight! =-)  This Christmas was absolutely wonderful; so many laughs, smiles, and memorable stories, but I am glad to be back home and start getting back the norm.

I know that I told of  a huge post; however, in all of the excitement I forgot to photograph most everything. I know... I know... I hate that, but the time machine has not been invented (yet) so this is what I got.

This is a picture that I made for my mother.  It is 3' by 2'.  I got the frame from a local antique shop; it had no glass and was an awful green color.  I sanded and painted it and had glass cut.  I cut the 'Gibbs," corner and middle embellishments from vinyl, and I etched all of the names around it (using the negative from vinyl cuts).  All of the names are cut from Christmas Cheer cartridge and the embellishments are from Storybook. I have everything layered on the back side of the class (so they vinyl would be protected); therefore, I had to cut everything backwards and flipped.  FYI: when using this method, to layer you must put the top layer on the glass first; the opposite of layering regularly.  I used Design Studio to weld all of the letters in each name and also to get all of the layers correct (I am not sure of the measurements but if you are interested I can look it up for you).

This project took up most of my time; however, I did make 3 other vases (using vinyl and etching), a set of personalized snap-wear containers, and a framed mirror (done much the same as above).  I had so much fun making all the these gifts for Christmas.  It is the first time I have done things like this, and I plan on making it tradition!  Hope you enjoy.



  1. The picture frame for your mom is absolutely beautiful!

  2. It's beautiful!!! Great job!!! She is going to love it!! I'm now a new follower. i hope you can stop by tomorrow and Friday for a Hop I'm a part of and guess what I'm giving away a Cricut cartridge YAY!!! See you there!! Happy New Year and a Crafty New Year!!