Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Back!

So I know it has been forever since I have uploaded anything, but this semester has been a crazy one.  However, one good thing about it is that I have been crazy busy making materials for the children in my the classroom I was in.  I LOVE doing that.  I cannot describe the feeling of bringing something in that I have worked so hard making [almost] perfect (if it were perfect I would have bought it =) ), and seeing the children not want to stop using or playing with it.  Over the next few posts I am going to spotlight some of the materials I have made.  I used the Cricut Expressions or YourStory for every single one of them.

The first one I am going to show is a pattern and recognition book centered around the Fall season.  I was in a Pre-school class this semester and  had to assess the students I was with over various benchmarks they need to meet. When I assessed in patterning, the little girl I was working with had mastered the benchmark of sorting material and making patterns using one medium (put all green items here).  So, I wanted to challenge her and add a second medium (put the green pumpkin here).  Please excuse the photography; I forgot to change the settings on my camera when I took these pictures.

There are eight leaves and eight pumpkins that are used for the activities throughout the book.  They are held on with Velcro dots.

 You take the leaves and pumpkins off the first page and place them where they go in the book.

The last page is for the children to organize the objects where they would go in the environment.

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