Friday, December 31, 2010

So I was sorting through my ribbon last night (mostly trying to think of a way to organize it all), when I came across this one style of ribbon that I have had for a while. I got it in one of those scrap ribbon bags that Hobby Lobby sells for like a dollar, and I have never really liked it.  It is really wide and feels like paper; the only thing it had going for it in my opinion is that it is purple (I love purple!).  I was contemplating throwing it out when I remembered a Facebook post from Cricut-The Official Page about the ever so popular bib necklaces and headbands.  I figured... What the heck.  So I gave making those cute little flowers a shot.  After several Google searches and about an hour later this is what I came up with.

I made one big flower that I attached to a couple bobby pins using hot glue (hot glue is a woman's duck tape!).

I also made several smaller flowers in varying sized and attached them to a head band that I covered in white ribbon.

I had a little bit of fun doing some modeling!  =-)

Happy New Year Everyone!
Stay Safe and have fun!


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